Hand Sanitizers are some of the most effective ways to get rid of harmful bacteria and germs. Bacteria are some of the smallest creatures on earth. They are also easily transferable by touching people or touching objects in public places. It’s also important to note that there are those bacteria that could make you sick, and there are the harmless bacteria. Hand Sanitizers help to get rid of all bacteria, for example, those that cause the Flu.

The cold and flu season is one of the most irritating seasons. Greeting friends and family are all fun, but not when it confines you to your bed covered in hundreds of blankets and drinking soup all day. To avoid this, it’s important to use anti-bacteria hand Sanitizers.


How Do Hand Sanitizers Work?

Some people do wonder if hand Sanitizers actually work. As a matter of fact, they do. So, how? And, why should you use hand Sanitizers? Hand Sanitizers have alcohol as an active component. Alcohol helps to remove the layer of oil on your skin and kill all the germs. The percentage of alcohol concentration matters too. It has to be more than 60% for the sanitizer to be effective. There are other inactive components such as essential oils and glycerin.

The fact about Hand Sanitizers killing 99.9% of bacteria on your skin is also true. So you can rest assured that if you make it a habit of using anti-bacterial hand Sanitizers, you will be protected from all germ related sicknesses. All you need to do is rub it on your hands until they’re completely dry. Also, there are ways to make hand Sanitizers more effective as we are going to discuss.


Why Should You Use Hand Sanitizer?

  1. Preventing germs – If you want to stop the spread of harmful bacteria and germs in your home and public spaces, alcohol-based hand sanitizer is your best options. Busy places include schools and bus stations. Since we were kids, we’ve always been reminded to wash our hands regularly. However, scientific study shows that 25% of the world’s population still without good sanitation care. Those who do wash their hands, 70% are reported not to use soap. To stop the spread of bacteria, make sure that you provide anti-bacteria hand sanitizers in all crucial places such as washrooms and kitchens.
  2. Hand Sanitizers help maintain health by promoting good hygiene – It goes without saying that good hygiene improves our quality of life. According to a study published in the American Journal of Infection Control, good hygiene improves the productivity of kids in school. After schools in New Zealand started introducing hand Sanitizers, absenteeism dropped by 20%.


Research also shows that poor hygiene can lower your self-esteem and make you less productive in your workplace. Good hygiene also keeps us healthy by preventing us from getting sick from bacteria and germ related diseases.

Since our hands are the most common mediums of transferring germs, we should practice washing our hands and using hand sanitizers regularly. This helps us prevent diarrhoea, hand and mouth infections and the flu. Using hand sanitizers also helps us protect our kids from germs.

We all know how kids love touching stuff around the house. It’s important to sanitize their hands when they’re toddlers. When they get older, instil the habit in them. When we use hand Sanitizers regularly, we also prevent transferring these germs to them when we touch them.

The use of hand Sanitizers also helps us to prevent our skin from dryness and irritation caused by some soaps.


Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer

How To Effectively Use Hand Sanitizers

1. Wash Your Hands

There are some people who replace washing hands using hand Sanitizers. Anti-bacteria hand sanitizers are meant to supplement the washing of hands. Using hand Sanitizers when your hands are dirty will be a waste since they won’t be effective. You know why? It’s because you may have oil, dirt or sweat on your hands. This prevents the components from reaching your skin and killing the germs. Therefore, instead of replacing one with the other, use them together. Soap and water will help remove the dirt, the sanitizer will help kill the germs and get rid of any irritation.


2. Use It Moderately

The secret to using hand sanitizers is knowing the right amount to use. Too little won’t be effective and too much is just a waste. Some people advise that you should use an amount equal to the size of your thumbnail. That’s one trick. Our advice is that you should ensure that rub the sanitizer to all parts of your hands. Also, ensure that it stays for some time before evaporating. Keep adding small amounts and rubbing it through your hands several times to ensure you get all the germs. The ideal amount should at least last for one minute before evaporating. Rubbing it through your hands until its dry is both fun and effective. It even motivates kids to use sanitizers at home and at school.


Final Thoughts

Good hygiene is very important since it improves our health and quality of life. To maintain it, we need to ensure body cleanliness, starting with our hands. Hands are the easiest mediums to transfer germs to one another. It’s clear that you can get the flu, diarrhoea, mouth infections, just for not washing and sanitizing your hands. To ensure that you’re protected from these infections, make a habit of using anti-bacteria hand sanitizers.

A lot of advertisers advise you to replace soap and water with sanitizers but this is not effective. To ensure that you kill all the germs, ensure that you wash your hands with soap, and use the hand sanitizer to kill all the germs.

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