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Check out the insurance & financial services to protect youself & your loved ones.

Financial Planning Service

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Financial planning is a “process of developing strategies to help you manage your financial affairs to meet your life goals.” In creating the recommendations and plans, the financial planner may review all relevant aspects of your situation across a breadth of financial planning activities, including inter-relationships among often conflicting objectives.

The scope may include financial management, education planning, risk management, insurance, investments, tax planning, retirement planning, and estate planning.

Life Protection

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Life is full of uncertainties but you can protect yourself and your loved ones’ future with sufficient protection.

Life insurance and family takaful plans are tailored to different needs – from term life insurance, investment-linked insurance to whole life insurance.

Medical Protection

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Your healthcare is important. With longer life expectancy and the rising treatment cost, you should get protected with a comprehensive holistic medical card.

You should remain well-protected with a comprehensive health insurance or takaful plan.

Motor Insurance

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You should protect your motor vehicle (motorcycle, private car and commercial vehicle) against claims for damages and/or loss while on the road.

House & Valuable Contents Protection

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It is true that damage or break-ins to your home can be financially and emotionally painful for you and your family.

You can protect your home and valuable belongings with one easy insurance plan according to your needs.

Savings & Investment

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Maximise your potential returns with a wide range of savings and investment plans that will make your money work harder for you. They come in the form of traditional endowments, investment-linked plans, unit trust, private retirement scheme (PRS), fixed income, bonds, structured products, exchanged traded product (ETF) and more.

Travel Insurance That Gives You Protection

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You should get immediate protection, comprehensive coverage and 24-hour emergency help wherever you are in the world.

Domestic Help Insurance

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This insurance will
compensate you for bodily injury caused to your domestic helper by accidental means which injury shall solely and independently of any other cause result in disablement or
necessitate medical and/or hospitalisation and surgical treatment or in the event of death or disablement, to your maid or her nominated beneficiary or legal personal representative.

Foreign Workers Hospitalization & Surgical Insurance (SKHPPA)

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Foreign Workers Hospitalization & Surgical Insurance (SKHPPA) is an annually renewable hospital and surgical insurance scheme designed to reduce the financial burden of the employer of foreign workers in the event of hospital admission of their foreign workers to a Non-Corporatised Malaysian Government Hospital due to an accident or illness.

Will & Trust

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Will and Trust or Wasiat and Hibah are important after you work hard for your money and make every effort to be a blessing to your loved ones. These are instruments for your health distribution and succession planing to ensure that your money and assets go to your loved ones.