Disinfectant Living Jungle with Lavender Oil 5L


• 99.99% of germs free
• Protect your family from bacteria & viruses
• Sanitize the air, clothes, fabrics, furniture, machines & surfaces
• Follow WHO guidelines to inactivate a range of viruses, especially coronavirus.
• Non-toxic and food safe
• Fragrance free
• Non alcohol. Non flammable


With the advent of viruses being a major cause of concern, Living Jungle has developed a disinfectant that is able to eliminate 99.99% of bacteria as well as inactive certain viruses including the coronavirus.

Living Jungle Disinfectant has pH of 5.5 which means it is safe and without irritation when in contact with hand and skin. It’s used to sanitize the air, bodywear, fabrics, furniture & surfaces. It is alcohol free and need to be rubbed dry before having direct contact with food. Spray in fine mist is recommended.

Main Ingredients:
Form : Liquid
Colour : Clear, Transparent
Odour : Mild
pH : 5 to 6
S.G. at 20 C, 1.00 +/- 0.02

• 1 x 5 Litre

Shelf Life
Up to 24 months in unopened containers. Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Always ensure the bottle is capped after use.

• Spray evenly on cleaned surface with a fine amount of liquid.
• Allow 5 to 10 minutes contact time
• No water rinsing is required
• Ready to use. No dilution is required.


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