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Living Jungle Disinfectant care set with freegift / Gift Set

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Disinfectant care set with freegift / Gift Set

Disinfectant Living Jungle with Lavender Oil 500ml

• Contain Anti-stress essential Lavender oil with disinfectant properties.
• WHO recommended disinfectant Benzalkonium Chloride (BKC) can kill C-o-r-o-n-a virus
• It is water-based, where it is safe to use on most surfaces such as rubber, plastic and fibers likes car interior, computer, toilet bowl, dustbin, shoes, table & chair.
• Does not contain alcohol and formaldehyde. Safe and non flammable.
• Suitable for all general layers
• Helps to kill & prevent bacteria, fungus & viruses.
• Efficacy & Effectiveness Studies in laboratory results showed about 5 minutes 99% germs killed.
• Suitable & Safe for whole family
• Available 500ml

Living Jungle
Living Jungle Hand Sanitizer 500ml

Efficacy & Effectiveness Studies by Dr Meor Mohd Redzuan at UiTM
As a conclusion, the result indicated that the Living Jungle Hand Sanitizer was able to eliminate the presence of microorganisms on hand and bench surface by 99.99% instantly and can last for a few hours post-treatment periods.

• Natural moisturizer with aloe vera
• Dry fast
• Without scent
• No need to rinse
• Suitable for kids and family
• Halal certified
• Available 500ml, 100ml & 50ml

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